Distances in Coorg

A signpost on the way to Talakaveri
Signpost on the road to Talakaveri

Approximate distance of attractions in Coorg from Madikeri town : Abby falls – 8 km, Chettalli – 20 km, Bhagamandala – 40 km, Talacauvery – 50 km, Kakkabe – 45 km, Thadiyandamol – 50 km.

Other attractions of Coorg like the Raja’s Seat , Madikeri Fort and Omkareshwara Temple are a couple of kilometers apart inside the Madikeri town.

Distances from Madikeri town
Distances from Madikeri town
How to explore Coorg?
Coorg is relatively large district (and not a specific place per se) with its attractions scattered all around. For example north to south the distanc...
Coorg's weather is cooler and misty by and large. A few the following pictures gives you a general idea of the climate.
Probably next to coffee, the cash crop you would see in abundance in Coorg is pepper. In fact pepper is mostly goown as an inter crop with coffee, mea...
Valnur ( Valnoor or locally Vaalnuru ) is a tiny hamlet on the eastern side of Coorg fringing the Durare forest. From a tourism perspective Valnur is ...
Attractions in Madikeri
Tourist places in Madikeri Town area : Raja's Seat: This view point is located on the edges of the Madikeri town. Raja's Seat is a pavilion from whe...
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